Regina Pachkova
28 000$

I was painting a portrait of THE MAN!

The union of the Masculine and Feminine, which is in each of us.
Interweaving of soft lines and sharp angles, multi-layered and three-dimensional, going beyond perception ...

The image seems to breathe and changes colour at different times of day and angles as if it has many faces.

It took me longer than any of my other paintings to complete. Each new coat of the ink dissolves the previous one without a trace, leaving only a hint and the thinnest grid of an X-ray image of a previous petal. It's like leafing through a book - a new page, a new story ...

A flower, a butterfly, a woman's silhouette, electrical discharges, snow - but what did YOU see in this picture?

Technique: FreEmotion

Size: 100х100 см

Collection: Mood