Blue Magic

Regina Pachkova
4800 $

Iris is the name given to the flower by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates after the goddess Iris, who descended to earth as a rainbow and declared the will of Heaven to mankind.

Before 1722 in Europe, iris was called a lily, so some historians believe that the coat of arms of the French kings did not feature a lily, but iris. Then the flower has a new meaning - power, nobility and grandeur.

In this work, several shades of blue are blended in a surprising way, creating a unique pattern of petals of an extravagant flower. The painting seems to flash when the sunlight hits it. At that moment it is impossible to take your eyes off it, as if by magic.

FreEmotion technique. This is a painting without brushes, art of color stream and flow control of different colors.
Emotion Free ride!

Technique: FreEmotion

Size: 100х100 см

Collection: Mood