Bandana shawl

Regina Pachkova

The bandana shawl is a rebellious fashion accessory.

Traditionally, they are made from multi-coloured patterned fabric.
In our collection, the bandana is adorned with a real picture!
It is a multifunctional accessory; you can cover your head, tie it on your forehead, use it as a neck scarf, belt, and even a textile bracelet. But bandanas originally had a very practical application - they were used by Spanish vaqueros to protect them from dust. Back then, bandanas were worn around the neck and quickly pulled over the face when needed to cover the nose and mouth from dust.

In the last century, the bandana fashion was brought back by hippies.
To this day, the accessory remains on the list of the most striking wardrobe pieces.

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Color: Black

Color: White

Size: 55x55 cm

Composition: 100% Silk