Baseball cap

Regina Pachkova
A baseball cap! This hat is without a doubt the most popular hat in the world! It's worn by everyone from the President to the Pope. Its official date of birth is 1954. Then the cap became part of the official uniform of baseball players, the main function - to protect the eyes from the sun. Since then, this piece of clothing has made a truly triumphant march from sports equipment to the most popular fashion accessory.

A cap from our collection is easily recognisable by its signature R logo. It is not only a signature of the artist and the author of the collection Regina Pachkova, but by a happy coincidence the ancient symbol of RUNA "RAIDO", promising fortune in travel, prosperity in business and career and protection of higher powers!

It is a perfect accessory for your collection - a fashionable wardrobe item, useful headwear and an amulet for good luck!