The Bag "Smart Bag" White

Regina Pachkova

A bag is an important accessory for every woman! It can be as roomy as the large silk bags in our collection, or decorative like our mini vintage fermoire handbags. The Smart Bag is called a computer bag because it was designed specifically to carry laptops comfortably, challenging existing models with its femininity and colourfulness. However, you are free to use it for your own purposes, and you can really carry anything in it - textbooks, documents, books.... A handy accessory for all occasions!

Metal handle does not react to weather conditions and does not spoil from humidity or cold. As for the base of the bag, it is made of viscose fur and waterproof cloak fabric. Which side becomes the lining is up to you to decide! If you're in a 'plush' mood, then you can complete the look with a fur cap or fur boots. That would go well with the fur on the bag. And if it's wet snowing or raining outside, feel free to turn your bag inside out! The rainproof fabric on the outside will keep it from getting wet, and the bright print pattern will attract the attention of passers-by!

Color: White