Small Bag "The First"

Regina Pachkova

The small bag "The first" – it is always a bright emphasis to your style.

The perfect accessory is designed specifically for the "ArtApparel" clothing collection and will harmoniously complete an outfit with a similar print.

Travelling a lot, I always wanted to do with a single bag, THE ONE that suits all occasions. And I have designed it!

Each bag comes with three removable handles that can be changed depending on the style you create:
  • A regular short handle made of silk is universal in any situation, it can also be used as an original bracelet worn on the wrist or as a neck accessory.
  • A long twisted handle that is worn over the shoulder makes the image more informal and adds freedom to the outfit and hands.
  • A pearl handle instantly adds an evening touch to the image and will be appropriate both at a dinner party and in the theater.
This is a real work of art, made by hand from the best fabrics.

The selected model can become a personal one – I will put the name of its owner on the inner pocket.* Such a luxury gift!

Gifts from the Heart!
Emotions from the Soul!

*You can add the name during your order creating.

Composition: Textile fiber, bronze fittings

Collection: Flowers