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Regina Pachkova
Artist. Designer. Interior decorator.
Education – Tver State University, math department.

TV journalist (Internews Journalism International school). Professional TV presenter (winner of the highest TEFI TV award for the original program).

Graduate of IDS International Design School. Professional decorator and interior designer.

Life always loves you back...
Life always loves you back...

Hobbies: painting, photography, horse riding, yoga, English language, traveling.
I love to travel (more than 50 countries visited). I've conquered Antarctica and the mountains of Nepal, watched wildlife of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, lived in the jungle of Sri Lanka, crossed over the Victoria falls, sailed ХIХ century ship, lived at the museum....
I am pleased to write articles about travelling for several magazines, including the Canadian edition of Vancouver & Us.

All photos and articles are from personal archives.
And with time the passion for painting became a profession
And with time the passion for painting became a profession
My personal exhibition "Free Emotions" took place in the Lipetsk Regional Museum of Local Lore in April 2019.
After that I was enlightened by the idea creating "ArtApparel" original clothing.
- If God came to me today and told me that of all my professions and hobbies I could keep only one - I would choose painting...

Regina Pachkova

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