About the author

Regina Pachkova

Artist. Designer. Interior decorator.
She was born in the Moscow region. After school, she entered the mathematics faculty of the University and planned to devote her life to exact sciences. But after passing the competition, she got into television and became interested in journalism. She graduated from Internews International School of Journalism and continued her career as a professional TV presenter. She is the winner of the highest television award Tefi for her author's program. Professionally engaged in the restaurant business and interior design. She is a graduate of the IDS International Design School.
Passionate traveler — traveled to more than 50 countries. She has conquered Antarctica and the mountains of Nepal, hunted wild gorillas in Rwanda with a camera, lived in the jungles of Sri Lanka, flew over Victoria Falls, sailed on a 19th century sailing ship, lived in a museum... She is the author of travel articles in several magazines, including a Canadian edition.

In 2015, she became interested in painting and began to develop her artistic abilities. She creates unique paintings in the author's technique FREEMOTION - painting with calligraphic ink without using brushes.
Interior painting is my passion! I am an artist-strategist - an image is born in my imagination, but the tactics and depth of interaction on the canvas color always chooses itself. I control multicolored streams like a conductor of a symphony orchestra! Colors meet, fall in love, argue, merge into a whole and give birth to new shades — it's Magic! I paint with my soul - it is energy, emotions and mood transferred to the canvas
And not only..... The idea of transferring the image of her unusual paintings onto fabric was the basis for her clothing collection – ArtApparel and the creation of her own brand of author's clothing and accessories.
The pieces in my collection are EASY TO RECOGNIZE, CAN'T BE CONFUSED, CAN'T BE DUPLICATE! I genuinely smile when I meet strangers wearing my clothes. Don't be surprised if I start hugging you) Seeing real pictures on clothes is a great way to enjoy art anytime you want to.

"If one day God came to me and told me that of all my professions and hobbies I could keep only one — I would choose PAINTING!

I am sure that whatever we give our whole heart to — Life will always reciprocate!"

Регина Пачкова